Information for Children and Young People


What is Reconstruct?


Reconstruct is an organisation that works with children and young people to help them to improve their lives. We do this by providing independent visiting, advocacy and participation. Scroll down to find out more about these services.

We are independent and NOT part of social services. We support children and young people who have a social worker, are in care or are having child protection meetings.

We offer...

Someone to help you have your say

Independent visitors 
Someone just for you 

Participation activities
Meet other people like you

Get in touch!

Our friendly team can help you to get your voice heard about the things that really matter to you. We will make sure you are listened to and responded to.

You can call us for free from a landline on:

0800 389 1571 

or email us at: 

What else can Reconstruct do for me? 


We help children in care get their voices listened to by:


  • Training young people to train adults
  • Running young people’s groups to help them bring projects or topics that are important to them to the attention of adults
  • Supporting young people who go missing from home
  • Supporting unaccompanied asylum seekers
  • Supporting you if you are having a Secure Review
  • Mentoring older young people who need support into independence


Tell us what you think...

If you already have a visitor, an advocate or if you have been involved with our participation team, tell us what you think by emailing

You might like the websites below, which our participation team helped young people in Bristol and Camden to create,
scroll down to find out more.

RVoice website

A website that we helped children and young people in Bristol to create, full of information about being in care.

Visit THE RVoice website

Backchat website

A website that we helped children and young people in Camden to create, full of information about being in care.


Key skills for those working with children and young people

"Great training, its given me lots of practical ideas about how to engage better with the children I work with."

Training that meets the specific needs of your organisation, your staff and those you care for…

We needed a model that really put the patient at the centre, PRICE training has really done that for us and our patient care has improved as a result.

Making a difference to the lives of those we care for…

I'm proud to be making a difference to the lives of children and young people, and its PRICE that has helped me to do that.