What is Advocacy?

An advocate is someone who can help you to have your say. They can support you to make sure your views are listened to and acted upon. Sometimes they might help you to write a letter, make a phone call or go to a meeting with you. An advocate can help you to understand your rights and have a say in the plans that are being made about you.

If you are in care you could ask for an advocate if you are worried or upset about something, or if things are changing for you - perhaps you are moving placements or going to a new school. You could also have an advocate come with you to your review or other meetings about you. Advocates can also help you if you want to write a letter, make a complaint or resolve an issue. 

If you are going to a Child Protection Conference you may want an advocate to help you to have your say. An advocate could meet with you before the meeting and talk about what is going to happen and help you to get your wishes and feelings heard. Sometimes advocates go along to meetings with you or sometimes they can go on your behalf. An advocate can also help if you want to appeal against the decision of the Child Protection Conference.

How do I find out more?


If you think you would like an advocate, you can call us on: 

0800 389 1571 

or email us at:


or speak to your social worker or carer.


Social workers - download a referral form for the advocacy service here


Helping you to get your voice heard

"I don’t know what I would have done without her and I am much better at speaking up and knowing about my rights and entitlements now."

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