Sexual abuse

Cases of sexual abuse of children continue to emerge, with potential devastating consequences including long-term emotional trauma. This course helps professionals to develop their knowledge and skills in recognising and responding to the needs of children who have been sexually abused. It looks at strategies for working with them, their families and carers, to build a safe environment where children can recover.
Course Information

Course Information

Sexual abuse

Course Overview

The course considers the impact on victims, carers, other family members and professionals, and looks at ways of protecting children from further harm and helping them to heal.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the impact of sexual abuse on children’s health, development and behaviour.
  • Understand and identify indicators of risk and signs of sexual abuse.
  • Understand issues around children disclosing sexual abuse.
  • Have an understanding of the personal, family, professional and societal attitudes and values in relation to sexual abuse.
  • Understand the part that technology plays in grooming, abuse and exploitation of children.

This course can be customised to suit the particular needs of your organisation and those you work with. We encourage participants to consider not only their individual role and responsibilities in relation to the subject, but also to look at the subject from a multi-agency perspective. We use best practice and research examples throughout and encourage participants to develop a reflective and safe approach to their practice.

This course works well alongside our other specialised child protection training such as our Emotional harm and neglect, Domestic and Physical abuse courses. Each gives an excellent understanding of these key child protection issues.

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