Motivational Interviewing 1 or 2 day course

These courses courses give participants the motivational interviewing skills needed to help children, young people and their families make positive changes in their lives.
Course Information

Course Information

Motivational Interviewing 1 or 2 day course

1 or 2 days

Course Overview

Motivational interviewing is a directive, person-centred structured approach to working directly with children and young people. Its goal is for the service user (not the worker) to recognise and express concerns about current behaviour, and generate their own arguments in favour of change. Experts agree that Motivational Interviewing can effect real change in behaviour in a social care context.

Both courses enable participants to:

  • Learn about this effective, evidence based approach to overcome the ambivalence which keeps children, young people or their family members from making the desired changes in their lives.
  • Appreciate the value of a collaborative alliance between practitioner and client which focusses on the client’s intrinsic motivation and values.
  • Practice the principles of motivational interviewing such as: expressing empathy through reflective listening; developing discrepancy between clients’ goals or values and their present behaviour; avoid argument and direct confrontation; adjust to client resistant rather than opposing it directly; and support self-efficacy and optimism.
  • Learn about open-ended questioning, affirmations, summarising, reflective listening, rolling with resistance, change talk and complementing change talk.
  • Consider how to use these skills as part of practice to encourage children, young people and their families to explore their ambivalence in problem areas, and work towards positive change.

The more in-depth 2-day course also give participants the opportunity to practice motivational interviewing skills and techniques through roleplay.

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