What is Participation?


Participation is about getting involved and having a say about what happens to you. There are lots of different types of participation, from things like joining your local children in care council, to answering a questionnaire about pocket money or writing a poem for your children in care magazine.

Some of the activities that we run in the Bristol area include:

  • The Children in Care Council - this is a group of children and young people who are in care. They meet to discuss things that affect them and other children in care. They work together to make things better for everyone.
  • Interviewing new staff - it's important that the people who work with children and young people are good at talking and listening to them. We help young people to interview people to make sure the right person gets the job!
  • Writing for the RVoice magazine - you can write an article about an issue that is important to you, a poem, a story or draw a picture and send it in to the RVoice magazine. Get in touch if you have an idea and we will help you make it happen.
  • Making a film about bullying - the children in care council thought that this was a really important issue, so they decided to make a film about it.
  • Designing websites - we helped looked after children in Bristol and Camden to create their own websites, full of useful information about being in care. Scroll down to take a look!
  • Fun days and events - there are often fun events and activities taking place where you can meet other young people like you. If you think you'd like to come along to the next event, get in touch.

RVoice website

A website that we helped children and young people in Bristol to create, full of information about being in care.

Visit THE RVoice website

Backchat website

A website that we helped children and young people in Camden to create, full of information about being in care.


Key skills for those working with children and young people

"Great training, its given me lots of practical ideas about how to engage better with the children I work with."

Training that meets the specific needs of your organisation, your staff and those you care for…

We needed a model that really put the patient at the centre, PRICE training has really done that for us and our patient care has improved as a result.

Making a difference to the lives of those we care for…

I'm proud to be making a difference to the lives of children and young people, and its PRICE that has helped me to do that.

Can I join in?


Yes please! If you are in care or a care leaver we'd love to hear from you. Participation is all about getting involved so we want as many people as possible to join in!

How do I find out more?


If you'd like to get involved you can call us on: 

0800 389 1571 

or email us at:


or you can speak to your social worker or carer.

Having a say about the services you receive

"We were all different but we all knew how each other felt."

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