What is Independent Visiting?


An Independent Visitor is someone just for you. 

You can talk to them, go places and have fun with them. They are not part of social services and they give up the time they spend with you for free. You can spend time getting to know each other and they can become someone for you to trust and rely on. They will usually come to see you about once a month and you can decide what to do together. You can talk to them confidentially about things that you are worried about and they can come with you to your review meeting if you'd like. Lots of our Independent Visitors have been seeing their young people for a long time and have become really good friends. 

Can I have an Independent Visitor?


If you are in care, living with foster parents or in a residential home you may be able to have an independent visitor. 

How do I find out more?


 If you think you would like an Independent Visitor you can call us on:

0800 389 1571 

or email us at:


or  you can speak to your social worker or carer.


Social workers - download a referral form for the independent visitor service here

Someone to talk to and have fun with

"He’s known me for such a long time, he’s a decent bloke and he’s always there for me."

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