Together tri.x and Reconstruct offer the following consultancy and review services:

  • Regulation 44 Visits - working to support residential children's homes to deliver the best standard of care
  • Service Reviews - which aspire to deliver change through the implementation of improvement boards and the delivery of action plans
  • Procedure Reviews - to support improvements in the operational governance of organisations
  • Undertaking Investigations – Providing investigators to review allegations or complaints made by children, staff, carers , key stakeholders or members of the public
  • Safer Schools audits – Providing schools with a Quality Assurance service to improve practice
  • Inspection preparation – Delivering a plan of required action to improve practice and deliver better outcomes for children living in residential or foster care
  • Missing from care interviews – working to deliver a service directly to children 

Scroll down for more details about each of these services or contact us for more information.

Regulation 44 Visits

We have been providing Regulation 44 visitors for over 10 years and currently have a team of professionals delivering this service across the UK.

Our team have extensive experience of working in residential children’s homes, have been registered managers and registered individuals and therefore are very familiar with the regulations, the inspection process and how to deliver services which work to improve the life chances and outcomes for children in care.  

Service Reviews 

Our service review team will provide consultation on how identified areas for improvement can be addressed and how change can be implemented. We can provide implementation boards and plans to underpin a systematic process of change and deliver services to improve leadership and practice and achieve better outcomes for vulnerable children and adults 

Procedure Reviews 

We have a team of expert lead consultants who can work with children and adults services, safeguarding boards, residential services and fostering agencies to assess compliance with legislative policies and provide both procedures and practice guidance. Following the review you will continue to receive alerts to new legislation and newsletters which include relevant practice guidance. 

Undertaking Investigations 

We can provide independent investigators to review allegations, complaints or concerns. Our team of investigators are highly experienced and from a range of settings including children’s and adult services, residential care, fostering and HR services.

Safer Schools audits 

Our safer school audits are provided to schools across the UK and can be delivered to meet the specific needs of the individual school. The overall objective of this service is to consider the effectiveness of the safeguarding practices within the school. 

Ofsted Inspection preparation 

Our team of experts provide highly regulated services with support and action to improve and sustain leadership and practice and achieve better outcomes for children and young people. Our ability to provide improvement boards and implement improvement plans has resulted in safer practice and reduced risks to children. The level of support that we can offer does achieve better grades in inspections and improves the governance of the organisation, allowing the leaders to learn from the process and continue this practice when we have completed our work. 

Missing from care interviews 

We can provide experienced workers to undertake interviews with children who have been missing from care. The level of independence will provide an opportunity to look at each episode individually and within the context of the history of the individual child. Any patterns emerging and any concerns regarding CSE, risk of grooming, inappropriate peer relationships, bullying or any other concerns will be reported immediately after the interview.