Children's Services

Reconstruct has been working since 1990 to improve young people’s lives by providing Advocacy, Independent Visiting, Participation and Mentoring. We are passionate about improving children’s services and lives. Whether we’re dealing with an eight year old child or a director, we maintain the highest standards. We do this by employing people who have the intuition, experience and support to make good judgements. We value our people because they have a spark and because they have the ability to see a spark in others.

 We value our independence enabling us to reach families who may not respond positively to statutory services. Good partnership with all agencies is key to children, young people and their families receiving services they need. 

 We place the child at the centre of any work we do and promote their participation in planning, delivery and evaluation of these services. Each child in each situation requires a unique response that meets their needs, and we adapt accordingly.  This philosophy ensures those without power have a voice and are able to build resilience and confidence in themselves whilst receiving the service that is most likely to work for them. Children who are listened to become empowered and adults that listen to children are also empowered to make better, informed decisions. 

We offer a range of direct services for children, young people and vulnerable adults.

These include:

  • Independent Visiting
  • Child protection advocacy
  • Looked after advocacy
  • Visiting advocacy
  • Participation
  • Mentoring for care leavers 
  • Independent Persons at Secure Reviews
  • Return from Missing Interviews

These services are delivered by a team of committed and enthusiastic staff and volunteers. 

Advocacy Services

 An advocate is someone who provides support to children and young people in care, care leavers and children and young people who are subject to a Child Protection Conference. 

Advocacy means to speak up for someone and there are some groups of people who may need more help that others – in this case, vulnerable children and young people.  It’s about making sure that children have a say in decisions that affect their life. Advocacy is about making things change because children’s voices are heard and listened to. 

Independent Visiting

An Independent Visitor (IV) is an adult volunteer who is independent of Social Services.  Their role is to establish a supportive and long term relationship with a young person built on trust. They will guide and listen to a young person, helping to build their self-esteem and develop new interests and skills over time.


Return to Home Interviews

We can provide experienced workers to undertake interviews with children who have been missing from care. The level of independence will provide an opportunity to look at each episode individually and within the context of the history of the individual child. Any patterns emerging and any concerns regarding CSE, risk of grooming, inappropriate peer relationships, bullying or any other concerns will be reported immediately after the interview.

View the Children and young people's pages for child-friendly explanations of these services.

These services are available through a contract or on a spot purchase basis as well as for entire organisations or individual children. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

As we continue to adapt our direct work with children at this difficult time we have put together some resources to help with supporting young people and children at home – we hope you find this useful

Click here to download the resources



Making a difference to the lives of children and young people

'It has helped me understand that my points are important and given me the strength to face everyone at the conference.'

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Someone just for me...

'I have never been the type of person to talk about everything but when I talk to my visitor I feel relaxed and I can open up about things I wouldn’t say to anyone else'

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Getting involved and having a say...

'It is good to meet other people who are in the same position as me. I used to think I was the only one.'

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Combining expertise through training, consultancy, procedures and direct work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and adults.