How do young people get involved with participation?...

Siobhan's story


Before I started coming along to meetings I had an advocate and she suggested I might enjoy it. I wasn’t really sure because I don’t like going out at all. I really just don’t like going out and I don’t like people. I said I would give it a try but then I started to go to every meeting. There were other people there who were like me and it was really nice to just talk about things and find that I was not the only one. We were all different but we all knew how each other felt.

I didn’t really feel that anyone understood me or the things that happened to me but I really enjoy going to Reconstruct and taking part. It gets me out and it has been good for my confidence. We did a project about self harm and I enjoyed being involved. We went out for a big meal at Christmas time and had ‘all you can eat’ which was really good fun. It was a laugh, actually.

It’s a responsible thing because you are there on behalf of all the other children in care so we do take it seriously but we have a laugh as well. We did an event at the Mansion House and I was one of the ones who signed the Council’s Pledge to Children in Care with the Mayor. It was an amazing experience. All the adults listened to us and we had our pictures taken and then we had pizza. I could never of done something like that before in front of so many people. I would recommend taking part, it’s made a big difference to me.