Regulation 25 Visitor

We are looking for an experienced Independent Regulation 25 Visitor to join our team on a freelance basis for a family centre in Minster in Kent. The visitor will need to have extensive knowledge and experience of parenting assessment work and residential child care.

You will be required to be a “critical friend” whilst checking how the centre and staff operate. You will need children’s welfare and well-being and are able to meet and assess’ children’s care needs and parent parenting skills. You will need to produce thorough and impartial report which is consistent with the National Minimum Standards for Residential Family Centre.

If this vacancy is of interest to you and you have the skill to undertake this work, can you please send a CV into
If you would like an informal chat regards to this please contact 01895 549910.


About the role - Regulation 25 Visitor

As a Regulation 25 Visitor you are required to have the following:

  • A social work qualification, experience of working in residential and health care settings
  • An Understanding and Knowledge of regulated services and their inspection frameworks and for residential family centre’s
  • A knowledge of current legislation and statutory guidance relating to children, young people and adults at risk particularly those in residential care
  • Have experience of working within a social or health care organisation, safeguarding and experience of managing complex relationships across a diverse field, e.g. social workers, OFSTED inspectors, residential care workers and registered managers and health care professionals
  • Experience and knowledge of child protection and safeguarding children and young people
  • Ability to easily build rapport an identify with children, young people children’s parents and staff teams
  • Ability in the long term to commit to visiting the family centre on a monthly basis.(3-5 hours)
  • Excellent communication skills, good report writing skills and a high level of critical analysis
  • Check appropriate records relating to care provision assessment balance of disciplinary record .missing persons .staff training. etc.
  • Inspect the premises
  • Provide and send detailed reports and action plans to Ofsted and the relevant managers
  • Excellent time management in order to provide detailed reports in a timely manner
  • Offer advice and discuss poor practice
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Preferably professional qualification in a related field, i.e. social work, residential care, health care professional, advocacy or youth work.

The role specifically requires that the visitor ensures:

  • The residential family centre is managed effectively and efficiently, delivering a service which is family-focused. The registered person monitors the quality of assessments and support provided and the welfare of the parents and children in the centre.
  • There are clear and effective procedures for monitoring and controlling the activities of the centre. Parents and children, of an appropriate age, are regularly involved in contributing to monitoring the operation of the centre.
  • The manager regularly monitors, in line with the Residential Family Centre Regulations 2002, as amended, all records kept by the centre to ensure compliance with the centre’s policies, to identify any concerns about specific incidents and to identify patterns and trends. Immediate action is taken to address any issues raised by this monitoring.
  • Managers and staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities. The level of delegation and the lines of accountability are clearly defined.
  • The registered person ensures copies of inspection reports by Ofsted are available to all staff, families living in the centre and on request to responsible authorities of families living in the centre or potential users of the service.
  • Visits of the centre carried out under regulation 25 include checks of any disciplinary measures and use of restraint and records of missing person’s reports. They also include an assessment of the balance of privacy and supervision of families at the centre.
  • The registered provider’s written report of a visit carried out under regulation 25 is lodged in the centre for the manager and staff to read and to respond. It is also made available to inspectors, as required.
  • The registered person takes action to address any issue of concern that they identify or which is raised with them.
  • The registered person has an effective procedure for considering complaints and responding to them in accordance with legal requirements.
  • This includes making complaints to a person or organisation outside the centre

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