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12th January 2015 Professionals who sexually abuse in a school environment - Download
2nd June 2014 Recent findings on neglect from research and serious case reviews - Download
12th May 2014 Learning from serious case reviews: risks of neglect to babies - Download
25th October 2013 Daniel Pelka SCR - Assessment and Decsion Making - Download
18th October 2013 Daniel Pelka Serious Case Review findings - Download
1st February 2013 Children's well-being - what they say - Download
7th January 2013 Family Justice Review - Child Homicides - Download
23rd November 2012 Parents' Experiences of assessment - Download
18th October 2012 Working with Fathers an overview of research - Download
27th April 2012 Safeguarding Children Across Services Paper 2 Download
27th April 2012 Safeguarding Children Across Services Paper 1 Download
14th February 2012 Models of Advocacy Download
17th January 2012 Children's Needs Parenting Capacity Second Edition 2011 Download
19th December 2011 Violence against stepchildren and fatal child homicides Download
5th December 2011 Advocacy for Disabled Children and Young People Download
11th November 2011 Aiming high for Disabled Children Download
7th October 2011 Safeguarding children across services Download
24th June 2011 Child Development - Lessons Learnt Download
14th January 2011
Decision Making in Cases on Significant Harm Download
03 April 2009
Laming Response Eileen Munro Download
03 April 2009
Protection of Children in England A Progress Report Download
08 September 2008
Child Deaths Download
01 May 2008
Analysing Child Deaths: Neglect Download
01 April 2008
General Themes from Recent Serious Case Reviews Download
06 February 2008
The Children's Plan Download
12 November 2007
Contact Point September 07 Download
18 May 2007
Aiming High for Children: Supporting Families Download
27 November 2006
A New Era in Safeguarding Children Download
16 December 2005
A guide to recent government initiatives Download
20 September 2005
Current Policy & Practice in Welfare:Maximizing opportunities to Maximize risk?Download
25 February 2005
The Common Assessment Framework Download
19 January 2005
After Utting: a review of Safeguarding Disabled children Download
25 November 2004
After Utting: Safeguard Review Download
05 November 2004
Cumbria Part 8 Review Download
06 July 2004
Toni Ann Byfield: Died September 2003 aged 7 years Download
20 January 2004
Race & Culture: Missing Links in Serious Case Reviews Download
17 December 2003
Recommendations for Health after Victoria Climbié Download
01 October 2003
Obtaining Information for s47 investigations following the Vict Download
02 June 2003
The Victoria Climbiè Inquiry Download
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