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16th December 2015 The Role that Participation Plays Download
11th November 2015 The Child as Object of Neglect Download
11th August 2015 Information Sharing Download
10th February 2015 Self-harm and suicide in children and young people - Download
12th January 2015 Professionals who sexually abuse in a school environment - Download
17th October 2014 Child sexual exploitation of boys and young men - Download
1st September 2014 Statement of knowledge and skills for child and family social workers - draft guidance - Download
2nd June 2014 Recent findings on neglect from research and serious case reviews - Download
12th May 2014 Learning from serious case reviews: Risks of neglect to babies Download
24th February 2014 Child sexual exploitation of children by groups and gangs Download
24th February 2014 Child sexual exploitation of children by groups and gangs Download
24th January 2014 Consultation or conversation?  Getting children on board Download
16th December 2013 Practice points for working with children and young people with gender variance Download
11th December 2013 Challenge of gender variant children Dec 2013 Download
27th September 2013 Ofsted report - what about the children? Download
6th September 2013 Dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse - Download
25th June 2013 Sexual exploitation of children in care - Download
22nd May 2013 Children's and parents' perspectives on domstic abuse - Download
23rd Apri 2013 Working together Paper 2 April 2013 - Download
18th April 2013 Working together Paper 1 April 2013 - Download
7th January 2013 FamilyJustice Review - Child Homicides - Download
24th July 2012 Child Neglect in 2011 Download
9th July 2012 Consultation on Revised Safeguarding Statutory Guidance Download
27th April 2012 Safeguarding Children Across Services Paper 2 Download
27th April 2012 Safeguarding Children Across Services Paper 1 Download
23rd September 2011 The Government's Response to Munro Download
24th June 2011 Child Development - Lessons Learnt Download
10th June 2011 Munro Review Underpinning Principles Download
27th May 2011 Munro Review Early Intervention and Prevention Download
4th May 2010
Sexual Abuse - Children's Views - Download
8th April 2010
health and well-being of LAC - Statutory Guidance - Download
23rd March 2010
Health and well-being of LAC - evidence based practice Download
15th March 2010
Improving the health and well-being of Looked After Children Download
23rd October 2009
Children & Families and Domestic Violence Download
17 July 2009
Young People who Self Harm Download
14 November 2008
Dealing with loss and grief for refugees or unaccompanied asylum seekers Download
23 July 2008
The impact on children of a drug using parent in prison Download
04 July 2008
The Madressah Project: Good Practice and Safeguarding guidance Download
14 February 2008
Independent Visitors: Do they make a difference? Download
10 January 2008
Children and the Asylum Process Download
14 December 2007
Understanding Autism Download
31 October 2007
Under Achievement in Education Download
01 September 2007
Young Witnesses in Court Download
19 June 2007
Children in Conferences Download
07 June 2007
Spirit Possession Download
08 December 2006
Core groups: tensions and challenges Download
22 September 2006
What Helps Young Refugees to Settle in This Country Download
24 May 2006
New Information Technology & Assessing Risk by Eileen Munroe Download
11 January 2006
Working with mothers and their children post abuse Download
20 September 2005
Current Policy & Practice in Welfare:Maximizing opportunities to Maximize risk?Download
10 September 2005
Making Common Assessment "Normal" Download
21 June 2005
What works with pre adolescent children with sexual behaviour Download
09 June 2005
Working with young children with sexually harmful behaviours Download
10 September 2004
Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood: The Role of the Fathers Download
30 July 2004
The Care Planning Step Download
15 July 2004
Using Brief Therapy in Child Protection Download
17 May 2004
Working and Caring for Children who Sexually Abuse others Download
17 December 2003
Multi-Agency Working Download
05 November 2003
Child Contact Disputes where Domestic Violence is a Factor Download
08 October 2003
Motivational Interviewing with Families Download
01 October 2003
Obtaining Information for s47 investigations Download
01 October 2003
Unaccompanied Young People seeking Asylum Download
18 July 2003
Making and Sustaining Contact Arrangements Between Siblings Download
02 June 2003
Assessing Risk in Unborn and New born infants Download
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