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Children looked after including going home, permanency, adoption and leaving care

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23rd February 2016 Looked After Children Returning Home To Their Parents Download
1st February 2016 Special Guardianship Orders: Preventing Disruption Download
16th December 2015 Special Guardianship Orders: The Impact on Practice Download
16th December 2015 The Role that Participation Plays Download
11th November 2015 The Child as Object of Neglect Download
7th October 2015 The Good Childhood Report 2015 Download
11th September 2015 Adoption: What Helps to Prevent Disruption Download
11th September 2015 Adoption Disruption: The Views of Young People and Adoptive Parents Download
11th August 2015 Adoption Disruption Download
11th August 2015 Information Sharing Download
24th January 2014 Consultation or conversation? Getting children on board  Download
25th June 2013 Child sexual exploitation of children in care Download
1st February 2013 Children's wellbeing - what they say Download
7th March 2012 Making the case for a system of guardianship for child victims of trafficking Download
14th February 2012 Models of Advocacy Download
5th December 2011 Advocacy for Disabled Children and Young People Download
11th November 2011 Aiming High for Disabled Children Download
1st May 2011
Families and Carers Download
April 2011 Briefing 1 The revised legal framework for looked after children and care leavers Download
April 2011 Briefing 2 Short Breaks Download
April 2011 Briefing 3 Family and Friends Download
April 2011 Briefing 4 Fostering Services Download
April 2011 Briefing 5 Children's Homes Download
April 2011 Briefing 6 Adoption Download
April 2011 Briefing 6 IRO Handbook Download
April 2011 Briefing 7 Sufficiency Download
April 2011 Briefing 8 Custody Download
14th April 2011
Revised Framework for Looked After Children Download
16th March 2011
Having Corporate Parents - Children's Views Download
15th February 2011
Munro Interim Review - An Overview - Download
8th April 2010
Health and well-being of LAC - Statutory Guidance - Download
23rd March 2010
Health and well-being of LAC - evidence based practice - Download
15th March 2010
Promoting the health and well-being of looked after children Download
21 September 2009
Life in Residential Schools Download
19 June 2009
Looked After Children Returning Home Download
27 April 2009
Placements with kin carers or unrelated foster carers: how do children fare?Download
14 October 2008
Children in Custody Download
18 December 2006
Children Adopted from Romania Download
10 October 2006
Contact after Adoption Download
16 November 2005
Finding adoptive families for black & Asian children pt2 Download
04 November 2005
Finding adoptive families for black & Asian children Download
15 March 2005
Children’s Views on Restraint Download
19 October 2004
Under Fives: the care careers of children looked after Download
30 September 2004
Parents whose children are looked after: what do they think of their SW? Download
20 August 2004
Adoption: Identity, Origins & Adoption Download
13 August 2004
Adoption: Identity, Origins & Adoption Download
23 July 2004
Tracking Care Leavers as they move to Independence Download
18 July 2003
Making and Sustaining Contact Arrangements Between Siblings Download
02 June 2003
Managing Sexually Abused and Abusive Children in Substitute Care Download
01 May 2003
The Mental Health of Young People Looked After Download
13 April 2003
Addressing the Health Needs of Looked After Children Download
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